Training sessions

Ecotone offers a one-day online training session for users of UHI. The course gives a brief theoretical introduction to hyperspectral technology, followed by training on practical operation of the Ocean Vision system developed by Ecotone. The UHI hardware will be tested and demonstrated in the office.

Location: Online or Ecotone offices in Trondheim, Norway.

Content of the course:

  • Introduction: The concept of underwater hyperspectral imaging (UHI)
  • UHI equipment supplied by Ecotone
  • SpectraLux subsea lights supplied by Ecotone
  • Data collection/ how-to conduct fieldwork
  • Data analysis – Pre-processing; Calibration and geo-correction using Immersion
  • Demonstration of classification procedures
  • Tutorial, userguide and power point presentation will be handed out to the participants

After the course, the participants will have the knowledge to plan and conduct field work with UHI.

Support and software maintenance

A one year support agreement follows equipment purchased from Ecotone. It is possible to extend this support agreement. Please contact us.

UHI Recalibration, upgrades and service

It is recommended to conduct regulary service and re-calibration of UHI.

The latest version of the UHI system and software includes new features and improved calibration.

If you would like a quote for service, recalibration and upgrades of your UHI – please contact us.

Collaboration: Ecotone as a research partner

Our engineers and scientists have wide experience in collaborations with partners from industry, research and management.

We participate in projects with a wide range of applications for underwater hyperspectral imaging, e.g. mapping and monitoring of deepwater and shallow water seafloor habitats and inspection of pipelines.

We can assist you in extracting information from your dataset collected with our products.