Spare Parts

Dust Caps with Locking Sleeves for (from top):
Altimeter Connector, SpectraLux Connector,
and UHI Main Connector

UHI Main Cable

SpectraLux Cable

Altimeter Cable

UHI Lab Test Cable

Spare Parts

We deliver spare parts for the Hyperspectral Ocean Vision System. Here is a list of what we can provide.

Dust Caps* UHI Main Connector: DDC13F
* SpectraLux connector: MCDC4M
* Altimeter Connector: MCDC8M
Locking Sleeves* UHI Main Connector: LS2000
* Aux connectors: MCDLS-F
UHI Main Cable* DIL13F + LS2000 + 1m/2m/Custom lenght + DLSA-M + DIL13M
SpectraLux Cable* 4x LPIL5M + MCDLS-F +MCIL4M
Altimeter Cable* MCIL8F + MCDLS-F + 0.45m +MCDLS-5+ MCIL8M
UHI Lab Test Cable* SpectraLux Ready: 200W
* UHI Only: 60 W