Observer UHI

Item shown has three connectors: Main, SpectraLux (Optional) and Altimeter (Optional)

UHI in transport case

Observer UHI 6

UHI: Underwater Hyperspectral Imager

The Observer UHI 6 is tailored to meet the mainstream usage pattern of the UHI technology in more shallow waters. It uses the same technology as the Scientific UHI 6 with 1936 pixels accross track, but limits the spectral range and resolution options to 400-700nm with a maximum digital spectral resolution of ~170 bands. The refraction limited optical resolution is 5.5nm.

The line sampling rates can be as high as 100Hz with full resolution, and can be increased to 200 Hz if reducing the spatial and spectral region of interest.

A video camera that works as a view finder and accompanies the hyperspectral camera is an optional add-on. The resolution is 5 MP 2592 x 1944 pixels at 5Hz but is normally configured to 648×486 at 3 Hz.

The Observer UHI can also be combined with auxillary equipment such as the SpectraLux subsea lights and an ISA500 altimeter.

UHI Comparison

FeatureScientific UHI 6Observer UHI 6
Depth rating2000m or 6000m300m
Max spectral bands~800~170
Spectral range380-750nm400-700nm
Max across track resolution1936 pixels968 pixels
Front glassFused SilicaPlexiglass
RGB video cameraIncludedOptional


Depth rating300m
Internal storage500MB, 1TB
Integrated Video CameraYes/No
SpectraLux ReadySpectraLux integration in the UHI. Connector, electronics and software.Yes/No
Integrated VRUXsens MTi-600 series VRUYes/No
AltimeterISA500 Altimeter
Altimeter Attachment clamp
Altimeter Cable
Altimeter integration in the UHI with connector, electronics, and software (ISA500 Altimeter Ready)
Subsea Cable1m, 2m, Custom
Mounting Clamp and handle for simplified handling and attachment to ROVYes/No
Travel Case
Laborytory cable for testing the UHI in a dry environment
Connector dust caps
USB stick with software, documentation and calibration certificate