Hyperspectral Ocean Vision System

Hyperspectral Ocean Vision System

Ecotones Hyperspectral Ocean Vision system is a complete package combining our Scientific UHI 6 and the SpectraLux light system. This enables calibrated hyperspectral seafloor observation and illumination control.

This package combines the Scientific UHI 6 with the benefits of the SpectraLux illumination system, such as a calibrated light source with reduced backscatter and power consumption.

We reccomend to use this complete solution for optimal illumination and calibration of your underwater hyperspectral images.


DescriptionIncluded Options
Scientific UHI 6VRU
SpectraLux Ready
Altimeter Ready
2 TB Disk
Mounting Clamp for UHI
Travel Case
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SpectraLux Light System4 x SpectraLux lamps
SpectraLux Frame
SpectraLux Cable
Travel Case
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AltimeterISA500 Altimeter
ISA500 mounting clamp
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Technical Specifications

Combined Power24-48 VDC, Max 190W
Weight in air16.3 kg
Weight in water6.3 kg
Dimensions (L, B, H)381 x 608 x 405