Ecotone’s hyperspectral cameras are delivered with the software Immersion that provides both live streams and camera control in addition to data postprocessing.

Immersion is included in standard deliveries of Scientific UHI, Observer UHI and Hyperspectral Ocean Vision System

Camera control

  • Record start/stop
  • Live stream of sensor data
    • RGB stream of the hyperspectral data
    • Video
    • Yaw, Pitch, Roll from the VRU
    • Altitude from the altimeter
  • Recording parameter settings
  • Diskspace moitoring

Postprocessing features

  • Playback of recordings
  • Radiance conversion
  • Keystone correction
  • Geocorrection with output to ENVI

Updates to the software are available to owners of UHI 6 with a valid support agreement. The older UHI 4 needs a firmware udate that must be done during camera service before the new Immersion software can be used.