SpectraLux Subsea Light System

Four SpectraLux lamps oragnized in SpectraLux frame. With SpectraLux Frame Clamp.

SpectraLux Cable

Four SpectraLux lights

The SpectraLux Light System mounted on a UHI

The SpectraLux Light System mounted on a UHI

SpectraLux Frame Clamp mounted on UHI

SpectraLux Light System

The SpectraLux Light System includes 4 SpectraLux line-collimated lamps, a SpectraLux cable connecting the lights to a single connector, a frame, a specialized clamp to fix the frame to a SpectraLux-ready UHI and a transportation case.

The frame features adjustment screws to accurately align the lights with the UHI recording line to make operational adjustmens and optimization easy.

The frame is solid and can be used as an alternative for fixing the complete UHI system to an ROV/AUV.


4 SpectraLux Lamps (Learn More)
SpectraLux Frame
SpectraLux Frame Clamp for holding UHI
SpectraLux Cable
Travel Case

Technical Specifications

Combined Power24-48 VDC, Max 178W
Weight in air8.5 kg
Weight in water3.4 kg
Dimensions (L, B, H)381 x 608 x 90-128 mm