SpectraLux Subsea Light

SpectraLux 2

SpectraLux lights concentrates the beam along a line, to only use power on the part of the scene that is recorded by a line camera such as the push-broom underwater hyperspectral imager.

This reduces the backscatter and reduces power consumption by a factor of 5 compared to regular lamps while keeping the light intensity approximately the same. The light distribution along the line is optimized; higher intensity towards the edges where the travel distance are higher and sensor sensitivity often lower.

Technical Specifications

Power 24V – 48V DC, Max 44.5W (Measured at 48V)
Communication InterfaceRS485, Power GND is used as signal GND, Custom protocol following NMEA 0183 style
ConnectorSubCon LPBH5-F
Mass (in air) 1.37 kg
Watertight Volume 1.01 l
Dimensions128 x 207 x 49 mm
Beam thickness at center12 deg (water)
Beam thickness at max focus5 deg (water)
Beam swat (max focus to max focus) 44 deg (water)
Diode typeLED OSRAM OSLON 3000K
Depth rating 500m