Hyperspectral Ocean Vision

Underwater Hyperspectral Imager with Lights

In contrast to three-band standard RGB cameras, hyperspectral cameras acquire the light intensity for hundreds of contiguous spectral bands. Every pixel in the hyperspectral image contains a continuous spectrum and is used to characterise materials in a scene with great precision and detail. By using this detailed information, hyperspectral imaging vastly improves the ability to detect and classify materials based on their spectral signatures.

On land, hyperspectral imaging is a widely used method for remote monitoring, classification and identification.

Ecotone makes this sensor technology available for subsea applications. Our patented technology Underwater Hyperspectral Imager (UHI), SpectraLux subsea lights, software, and accessories enables Hyperspectral Ocean Vision. Installed on AUV or ROV, the Ocean Vision system is used for applications such as benthic habitat mapping and monitoring, quantification of environmental footprints, subsea pipeline inspection, and investigation of archaeological objects.

Hyperspectral image of seagrass habitat, followed by spectral classification