We supply UHI hardware and software to scientists exploring the oceans. UHI technology is perfect for identifying, classifying and monitoring objects, areas and organisms on the seabed, and is only available from Ecotone.

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UHI Technical Sheet

Hardware for Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging

Our sensor makes it possible to collect and process hyperspectral light underwater, opening up a whole new world of subsea remote monitoring. Our hardware makes the entire hyperspectral light spectrum available for underwater research, monitoring, classifying and identifying of objects, areas and organisms.

Wider colour spectrums – more precise data

The sensor can gather data across the entire visible colour spectrum and the near infrared (370-800nm – with possibilities for further adjustments), which can be used to detect biological and chemical characteristics of seabed habitats.

The hyperspectral sensor we supply can be simply integrated with most modern ROV systems using standard industry couplings and cables. It can also be mounted and used on other devices used for underwater inspection and mapping.

Implementing the technology
The sensor is mounted with a clear field of vision to the seabed and flanked by dedicated lights and registers data as the vehicle moves. The data archive (hyperspectral analyses, navigation data and video) is saved locally, and can be uploaded to a surface vessel.

Software for Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging

Our system can be supplied complete with the software necessary to collect and pre-process data.

All data are saved in a structured archive file, and the software makes it possible to communicate with the unit.

The software includes the following functions:

  • Live-viewing and collection of hyperspectral data (RGB and spectral) and 2D video stream in HD.
  • Adjustment of spatial/spectral data collection.
  • Adjustment of image frequency and integration time.
  • Division, synchronising and storing of navigation data from ROV and GPS.