Hyperspectral imaging has massive potential in the oceans of the world. Data previously hidden from the human eye and conventional HD cameras is now available.


On land, hyperspectral imaging is a commonly-used method for remote monitoring, classification and identification, proven through long-term use and multiple applications to be reliable and effective. Its ability to automate monitoring, identification and classification are what has made it so widely-used.



Until recently, no one has been able to offer hyperspectral imaging below the surface of the ocean. Ecotone has developed the first complete UHI system on the market.

Ecotone are now in a process of commercializing a set of underwater products utilizing our patented technology.

Machine vision in the ocean space

Where we until now, have had to rely on the human eye, the inspection and identification of objects and organisms can now be undertaken by an objective, automatic and precise form of machine vision.

Using advanced spectroscopy to analyze data from the light reflected from an object, our technology detects and classifies objects and organisms of interest.

The technology opens for automation of work processes such as identification, mapping and inspection.

Deeper insight through machine vision

We believe that human resources are not optimally utilized by looking at images of the seabed and pipelines, or counting salmon lice manually. Automated hyperspectral imaging generates more and better data – freeing personnel to focus on core business.

Ecotone is developing specific uses for UHI including:


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