Since 2019, the international research community has published a number of scientific papers using UHI (Underwater Hyperspectral Imager) provided by Ecotone. The applications spans from environmental mapping, salmon lice detection, mineral exploration to marine archeology

Review on hyperspectral methodology below the sea surface:
Liu, B., Liu, Z., Men, S., Li, Y., Ding, Z., He, J., & Zhao, Z. (2020). Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Its Applications for Detecting and Mapping the Seafloor: A Review. Sensors20(17), 4962.

Arctic archeology:
Mogstad, A. A., Ødegård, Ø., Nornes, S. M., Ludvigsen, M., Johnsen, G., Sørensen, A. J., & Berge, J. (2020). Mapping the Historical Shipwreck Figaro in the High Arctic Using Underwater Sensor-Carrying Robots. Remote Sensing12(6), 997.

Deep sea minerals:
Sture, Ø., Snook, B., & Ludvigsen, M. (2019). Obtaining Hyperspectral Signatures for Seafloor Massive Sulphide Exploration. Minerals9(11), 694.

Aquaculture – Detection of the marine parasite sea lice:
Pettersen, R., Braa, H. L., Gawel, B. A., Letnes, P. A., Sæther, K., & Aas, L. M. S. (2019). Detection and classification of Lepeophterius salmonis (Krøyer, 1837) using underwater hyperspectral imaging. Aquacultural Engineering87, 102025.

Drill cuttings mapping in relation to offshore O&G:
Cochrane, S. K. J., Ekehaug, S., Pettersen, R., Refit, E. C., Hansen, I. M., & Aas, L. M. S. (2019). Detection of deposited drill cuttings on the sea floor-A comparison between underwater hyperspectral imagery and the human eye. Marine pollution bulletin145, 67-80.

Coral habitat mapping:
Foglini, F., Grande, V., Marchese, F., Bracchi, V. A., Prampolini, M., Angeletti, L., … & Taviani, M. (2019). Application of hyperspectral imaging to underwater habitat mapping, Southern Adriatic Sea. Sensors19(10), 2261.

Hyperspectral imaging deployed from an unmanned surface vehicle:
Mogstad, A. A., Johnsen, G., & Ludvigsen, M. (2019). Shallow-Water Habitat Mapping using Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging from an Unmanned Surface Vehicle: A Pilot Study. Remote Sensing11(6), 685.

Coral health monitoring:
Letnes, P. A., Hansen, I. M., Aas, L. M. S., Eide, I., Pettersen, R., Tassara, L., … & Bytingsvik, J. (2019). Underwater hyperspectral classification of deep sea corals exposed to 2-methylnaphthalene. PloS one14(2), e0209960.