Salmon lice detection

SpectraLice is our system for automated detection and counting of salmon lice. The equipment is designed to be installed in the fish cages and report lice numbers on the fly. Further reading: iLaks article on SpectraLice (In Norwegian) Reports from three completed project phases: Project phase 1 (2015) Project phase 2 (2016) Project phase 3 (2017)

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Pipeline Inspection using Underwater Hyperspectral Imager

Ecotone is developing a tool for efficient detection of damages on subsea pipelines. The project is organized through the DEMO 2000 program financed by the Research Council of Norway and industry partners.


Ecotone is a partner in the MarMine project, led by NTNU.  The project comprizes several aspects of sea floor mineral exploration. One of these aspects is assessment of the potential of underwater hyperspectral imager (UHI) for exploration and identification of sea floor minerals and metals. In August 2016, a survey at the Mohn’s ridge (Mid-Atlantic ridge) was carried out,

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New methods for mapping and monitoring of seabed habitats

In the joint industry project “New methods for mapping and monitoring of seabed habitats” in the Petromaks 2 Program, we have been developing the Underwater Hyperspectral Imager (UHI) to be a viable tool for environmental mapping and monitoring. The project was financed by the Research Council of Norway and seven industry partners. Akvaplan-niva were our research partner.

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