Imagine a tool that can automatically detect and map subsea habitats. A tool that lets you highlight selected species on a map, and even monitor their health over time. That’s where we’re going with environmental mapping.

Habitat Mapping
We are developing tools that will allow you to automatically detect a number of benthic species and create habitat maps automatically. You can search for particular species and have them highlighted in the map. In the near future, this will also be possible from AUV’s; even further automating the mapping process.

Corals and Sponges
Cold-water corals and sponges are often found in sites interesting for exploratory drilling. These are sensitive species in several parts of the world. We have developed specific libraries of “spectral fingerprints” to automatically identify and map them.

Health Monitoring
Underwater hyperspectral imaging can be used to identify health conditions of some benthic species. In our newly finished project, we have investigated this application on select sponges and corals. Read more in Letnes (Preprint)
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